26 Memorial María Luisa – International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photo Contest

Mountain, Nature and Adventure. The Contest


After twenty years promoting the artistic work of photographers and at the same time spreading the natural environment and its necessary protection, the Memorial Maria Luisa of Photography announces what will be the twenty-sixth edition of its photo contest.
Mountain, nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, etc. will be the photographic reference of the edition one more year. In addition, in this occasion a special category has also been created, it is dedicated exclusively to the photos in which the white colour has a significant presence in the image.
Year after year photographers from all over the world take part in this contest, having done it already from 80 different countries. With the passing of the years has become a meeting place not only for widely recognized international photographers, but also for undiscovered talent and new photographers.
With the rules, instructions and advice provided you will easily be able to prepare your photographs to compete in a photo contest that lacks any commercial purpose, and in which, as usual, only you and your photos will be the true protagonists.
One more year, good luck to everyone and good light.


 The Overall Winner of the "XXVI Memorial María Luisa", the Golden Asturcon Award of photography, will be awarded a cash prize of 3.000 Euros, a Trophy and a Diploma. The Overall Winner will be chosen from the thirteen category winners; the Jury will give the Prize to the most memorable & shocking caption. The overall winner will receive a cash prize 3.000 Euros, including the amount corresponding to his/her category.
 Winner Prize of each Category: € 300, Trophy and Diploma.
 Young Photographers Prize: a Premium Tablet Samsung, a Trophy and a Diploma will be awarded to the best photograph submitted by contestants not having reached the age of 20 years on 1 December 2015.
 Special award for the theme of the year: it will be a BN008 Citizen watch, trophy and diploma.
 The Judges Panel is also empowered



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

- The participant must be the sole owner of the rights to the photographs and will accept full responsibility for assuring that no third party rights to the works submitted exist, and for any claims by such third parties as may arise.
- The Organization reserves the right to make such copies of all award-winning photographs as may be required for exhibitions, projections or publications related exclusively to the activities of the present competition, without limits in time, geographic location or mediums, and always crediting the authorship of said photographs. As it sees fit, the Organization may request a copy of the original file with maximum quality and size. Without prejudice to the above, the authors of the photographs will retain all legal rights to the same for any future use.


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