“Nature Photographer of the Year” contest 2017

More than € 25.000 in prizes


“Nature Photographer of the Year” contest 2017 is the new name for the successful Nature Talks Photo Contest. We think NPOTY is a more powerful name. We always have superb entries en they will be judged by famous nature photographers, photo-editors, editors in chief etc. We have 9 categories, a (free) youth categorie and the “Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award”. Feel free to submit and we hope to see your images between the finalists. Share your passion!


More than € 25.000 in prizes, both cash & product prizes. The overall winner wins € 3.000 cash. We have cash prizes for the overall winner and category winners. Runner-ups will receive products prizes and every finalist gets his or hers image printed in 80 x 120 cm on Xpozer material.


The Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2017 (formerly known as Nature Talks Photo Contest) is open for nature photographers worldwide, both professional and non-professional, young and old. The competition for the category young photographers is open for youngsters who have not yet turned 18 on 1 October 2017. The organisation of Nature Talks and the jury are not allowed to participate. Images that are submitted may be taken all over the world.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

By entering the competition, the photographer confirms that the entered photograph is his / her original work and that the photographer is the sole owner of the copyright. The photographer is personally responsible if the rights of a third party have been violated. The consequences here of will be for the photographer only, the organisation of the competition is not responsible.

The organisation has the right to use images for marketing purposes of the Nature Talks Photo Contest and the Nature Talks Photo Festival (also future editions), in exhibitions, in flyers, on websites and social media, but when doing so will always list the photographer’s name. The photographer maintains copyright of his or her image at all times and can exploit this freely; he or she will, however, not ask any compensation of the organisation of the competition for the usage of the image.

By entering the competition, the photographer agrees to the possible inclusion of his or her image in a digital show during the Nature Talks Photo Festival 2016, of course the name of the photographer will be mentioned in the show. If a photographer does not wish to have his or her photograph included in a show, he can make this known in a mail to contest@naturetalks.nl; the organisation will respect this wish. The organisation of the competition will never distribute images to third parties and will always refer then to the photographer.


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