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  • Deadline: 30 June 2017
  • Entry fee: Our entry fee is set at 15 GBP, and for this you are able to submit ten photos in any one chosen regional category. Upon entering, each person is able to select the charity they wish to support and half of the entry fee (7.50 GBP) will be added to the monthly donations for that organisation. We include a well balanced selection of options ensuring that no matter your interests, values or motivations, there will be one that appeals to you.
  • Theme: Other, Aerial, Architecture, Abstract, Conceptual, Digital Art, Fashion, Macro/Micro, Multi-categories, Nature, Landscape, Fine Art, Documentary, Environmental, Wildlife, Seascapes, Underwater, Urban, Travel, Street, People, Panoramic, Sports, Self-Portrait, Portrait
  • Deadline: 31 March 2017
  • Entry fee: 1 image:$3.50, 3 images:$7.50, 5 images:$15.50, 10 images:$27.50, 15 images:$35.50, 20 images:$50.00, 25 images:$57.50. There are no limits in the number of entries however we recommend that you only submit your best ones.
  • Theme: Abstract, Architecture, Landscape, Nature, People, Portrait, Street, Travel

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