Artistic consciousness within modern photography

The freedom of choice within artistic covenant and the attitude towards the viewer, let the creator pass his vision, without the influence of fads or effective styles. On the one hand, a photographer can feel free to express himself through the image, but on the other hand, he’s limited by the viewers, who could be under the influence of unidentified prejudices, superstitions or their own thought patterns.

Responsibility is the key to originality

Being aware of those dependents, often chill young photographers’ actions. A fully developed photographer should not only be aware of those limitations, but, for the most part, he shouldn’t keep himself down. Instead, he has to cherish creativity and at the same time take full responsibly for his deeds as an artist.

Being under pressure of creative originality and uniqueness, it’s easy to cross the line of tastefulness. Oftentimes, artists become the butt of viewers jokes, when searching out for new forms of expression. Nevertheless, what would become of modern art, if there were no attempts to present works of art in a less traditional way. It seems like a well-based strategy to take up the rat run and pursue your visions in a well-known environment. However, the greatest artists never rest on their laurels. Their approach is a constant search for new experiences without the fear of being laughed at. They often make mistakes, but always manage to learn their lesson. A true artist is capable of reaching the undiscovered forms of message, setting the benchmarks of photography development.

Does popularity limit the originality?

There’re talented people, who care only for publicity, standing as opposed to the conscious photographers. Such people don’t pay attention to the development of their own skills, ethics, not to mention, that they don’t take responsibility for the art of theirs. This approach is the background for the conscious artists, who disallow rush and rat runs.

How to shape an artistic consciousness?

The most vital element, shaping the artistic consciousness, is the immersion into art. You have to experience it, read it, and perceive it in several ways, both as the viewer and the creator. Well, development of one’s own artistic consciousness in the search of new forms of expression isn’t easy at all. However, devoting your time to studying at least a few different artists, who defined new art forms, would give a deeper insight into yourself.

When it comes to creativity and artistic consciousness, there’re always emotions, which bear no resemblance to the feelings tied to reconstruction, that doesn’t allow the artist to pass a sensitive experience to the viewer. If you wish to do something more than reconstructing someone else’s work, do your homework. Let your camera become the brush on the painter’s canvas. Feel free to experiment, constantly search out for your style. First, imagine what would you expect from your own art and then materialize your vision using available technology.

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