2020 Let’s DMZ Peace-Environment Awards

Let's DMZ


Themes: “Peace,” “Environment”:
- The story behind the themes: Inspired by the fact that Korea is one of the few divided countries in the world and its DMZ(Demilitarized Zone), an Ecosystem Conversation Area, we seek to deliver a message of peace and environmental conservation that the world is longing for.
- Any images relevant to either theme, Peace, or Environment, or both can be submitted regardless of the location where they were taken.

Number of images to submit: up to 3 images per participants

Image submission guidelines
- Any digital images can be submitted regardless of their form, such as, in color or black and white, smartphone photo, film, etc.
- All photos must be saved in .jpg and the dimension must be bigger than 3,400 x 2,400 pixels. The file size of the individual image should be no smaller than 5 MB.


- Grand prize: cash prize of 5,000,000 KRW
*1 winner from both competition categories, not respectively)

- Open Competition
Gold award (1): 2,00,000 KRW
Silver award (2): 1,000,000 KRW
Bronze award (2): 500,000 KRW
Special mention (10): 300,000 KRW

-Student Competition
Gold award (1): 500,000 KRW
Silver award (1): 300,000 KRW
Bronze award (1): 200,000 KRW
Special mention (10): 100,000 KRW
*Type of award (number of winners): cash prize amount



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

- Each participant owns the copyright of the submitted images. Participants understand that any awarded images may be used by the organizer for marketing and promotional purposes including promotional materials, press releases, etc. with the consent of the photographer.
- Awarded images will be displayed on our online gallery.
- The participant is responsible for any legal issues caused by the infringement of another person’s rights such as copyrights.


Environmental Open Theme Wildlife Landscape