2nd Annual Winter Art Competition

Embrace the hushed tranquility of snowy landscapes


Experience the enchantment of the 2nd Annual Winter Art Competition, where the serene beauty and frosty magic of the season come to life on canvas. Embrace the hushed tranquility of snowy landscapes, the play of light on icy surfaces, and the captivating essence of winter’s chill as you showcase your artistic vision in this extraordinary competition. Open to artists from all backgrounds, mediums, and locations. Whether you specialize in painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media or any other form of visual art, we welcome your submissions. The competition promises not only exposure but also a chance to win our Best in Show award.

Theme Details:

we invite artists to explore the unique charm and magic that winter brings. Delve into the serene stillness, glistening frost, warm winter light, or the joyous festivities associated with this captivating time of year. Let your creativity shine as you portray the essence of winter through your artistic vision and create artworks that evoke the feelings and emotions that this season inspires.


The Best in Show winner receives a cash prize and will be the “Featured Artists” on the website for the duration of the exhibition. All award winning artists will receive a digital award certificate, social media announcement and worldwide promotion.


All backgrounds and experience levels accepted. Open to artists around the world. Must be 18+ to enter.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Your images will be used only for marketing, promotional, and display purposes for any show organized by Ten Moir Gallery. The artist shall retain all copyrights of any image they submit to Ten Moir Gallery.