3rd Annual PARIS Collectif du Herisson 2020



Our 2020 Awards has two competitions : Professionals and Amateurs

The theme is completely free. You submit as many photographs as you want up to 10. Your work must only have some artistic and thematic cohesion.

For this third contest our jury is a mix of 10 professionals, photographers, collectors, printers, curators. It is a guaranty of the independence of the choice of the winner for each category.


The first prize is 14 days of exclusive exhibition of the series of photos of the 2 winners. This exhibition will take place from November 4 to November 18, 2020 during the month of Paris photography, in a gallery located Rue Saint Paul in the Maris district in Paris.
For this exhibition the association:
- Supports fine art photography in format of 20x30 to 40x60 or close according to the ratio of your photos
- Ensures the promotion of the exhibition, the hanging of the prints and the guarding
- Returns the full price to the artist in case of sale during the exhibition
- Returns to the artist the prints after the exhibition with a new draw in case of sale so that the artist has a complete series.



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Copyright : In compliance with the French Intellectual Property Code (articles L.111.1 and following; article L.122-1 relating to copyright law and article L.112-1 relating to trademark law and privacy legislation), each entrant agrees that submitted photos must be original pieces of work created by him- or herself.
Entries must not contain any material owned or controlled by a third party for which he or she has not obtained a license and must not infringe the copyright, trademark, moral rights, rights of privacy / publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity. Participants must possess all the proper authorizations as well as any necessary licenses or permissions when submitting their work.
Entrants shall be held solely responsible with regards to issues of intellectual property rights and the contents of their work, in terms of persons, places or goods featured in their artwork or any trademark appearing on their pictures and any copyright infringement resulting from or related to this. The organizers will not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility with regards to contestants’ artworks.
Usage right : Each author’s name will appear on any document(s) featuring his or her work. The winning participant agrees to temporarily waive the copyright of his or her submitted work, exclusively in the interest and for the duration of the contest and the exhibition.
Photographs collected but not eligible for submission will not be returned to their owners but will be destroyed by the organization. Photographs remain the full property of their authors and will not be subject to any commercial use or forwarded to any third party


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