$5,000 Project Development Grant – Calls for Entry

Supporting a work-in-progress with financial support ++


CENTER’s annual Calls for Entry for photographers and lens-based artists worldwide is now open! Apply online today through the final submission deadline of March 15, 2023. Learn more online - www.visitcenter.org

If you have additional questions, please contact us at programs@visitcenter.org

• The $5,000 PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GRANT supports a work-in-progress.
SUBMIT: 6-10 images and a project statement limited to 325-words
JUROR: Gail Fletcher • Photo Editor, The Guardian
PACKAGE: Financial Support, Winners Exhibition, Review Santa Fe Admission, Featured Publications, and much more!


$5,000 in Financial Support, Winners Exhibition, Review Santa Fe Admission, Featured Publications, and much more!


All of CENTER’s Calls for Entry opportunities accept submissions from national and international photographers and lens-based artists. We accept submissions in the language that you feel most comfortable with. Work can have been made at any time, and work that has been previously submitted may be re-submitted as we invite new jurors each year. Work derived from all photographic processes is accepted, as well as mixed media that is photo-based.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The photographer and lens-based artists always retains the rights to their submitted images, files, and videos. By completing the application, the photographer grants CENTER permission, upon receiving an Award, Grant, or invitation to Review Santa Fe, to reproduce works from their submitted materials in connection with the administration, judging, and promotion of CENTER, the Awards, Grants, portfolio review events and other programs. Permissible uses of the images submitted shall include their reproduction, distribution, and display in CENTER exhibitions, multimedia presentations, and printed materials related to the promotion of CENTER and the Awards, Grants, Review Santa Fe, and other events. CENTER shall have the right to grant permissions to the press and publicity agents in connection with the promotion of the CENTER Awards, Grants, Review Santa Fe, and any exhibitions and related events. All promotional pieces (print, social platforms, e-newsletters, and online features) include credit to the photographer and lens-based artists.


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