The International Photographic Salon, which is the most historic photographic contest in Japan, will now begin only accepting online submissions via our website.

From Japan To the world, from the world to Japan. We await your creations!

*Sponsored by The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies (AJAPS) and The Asahi Shimbun


• 6 SPECIAL PRIZE winners (3 domestic(JAPAN), 3 overseas) CANON product, medal
• 94 HONORABLE MENTION winners (42 domestic(JAPAN), 52 overseas) medal


• Regardless of nationality, anyone living overseas is eligible to enter from the website specified below. • Foreign embassy staff members residing in Japan are also eligible to enter from the website specified below. *Japanese citizens living in Japan are not eligible to enter from the website specified below.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

• When the copyright for anything depicted in an image, such as a portrait or creative work, is held by a third party, you must obtain consent for use in advance. If a third party holding such a copyright should make a complaint, demand, or objection regarding a copyright violation or damage compensation, the applicant must personally handle all related issues, without causing any trouble to the sponsors.
• When the sponsors determine that entry rules have been violated, the sponsors may invalidate the award even after the awards have been announced.
[Handling Personal Information]
• Personal information provided by an applicant is used for contacting and communicating with the applicant, as well as for sending the catalogue and providing information about other events and contests that sponsors and participating corporations hold. Furthermore, the name and address (country, prefecture, or up to the city) of the award-winning photographer are displayed when an award-winning image is published and exhibited.

[Award-winning Image Use]
• Although the copyright for an award-winning image is held by the applicant, without obtaining permission from the award-winning photographer, the sponsors and other related corporations shall be allowed to use image free of charge for newspapers, websites, the catalogue and other media and venues that publicize, handle and manage exhibitions and displays. In addition, the sponsors and other related corporations shall be allowed to re-grant a third party permission to use the image for exhibit and display in any event and to duplicate it for web browsing when promoting and publicizing this contest.