8th Bio-Art Contest: Human and Virus

Grand prize (1 individual of team) certificate + 3,000,000 KRW


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us a lot of material and social damage, but it has also given us the opportunity to reconsider what we have taken for granted. The Earth has already warned us through various infectious diseases such as SARS and MERS, and COVID-19, maybe it is the last signal from The Earth to mankind. The counterattack of the virus begins with the destruction of balance with nature is destroyed. The international community needs to be more united, cooperative, and active in communicating with each other. The 8th Bio-Art International Contest is held under the theme of "Virus and Humans.". We look forward to taking time to think about humanity through works with many messages.

- Judges- Professors or Experts related Bioscience, Art, and Education
- Judging criteria- artistry, technology, creativity, popularity


- Grand prize (1 individual of team) certificate + 3,000,000 KRW
- Second prize (3 individual(s) of team(s)) certificate + 1,000,000 KRW
- Third prize (10 i individual(s) of team(s)) certificate + 300,000 KRW
- Participation Prize (20 individual(s) or team(s)) certificate
- Jury Prize (3 individual(s) of team(s)) certificate + 500,000 KRW


Individuals and groups (maximum of 4 members), domestic / international

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Works with inaccurate candidate information or works with not works not complying with the work specifications and requirements can be exempted from the evaluation.