9th SImorgh International Festival

festival aims at promoting cultural and artistic exchange


Being a university student is mandatory. The theme must be on Health.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 9th edition of Simorgh International Festival.

As we hope, this festival aims at promoting cultural and artistic exchange among students across the globe.
The main theme of the festival is "The Culture of Health".

Submit your works through our website and be part of the festival.

Showcase your art and attention to health and its expansion through your Films, Photos and Posters.

When: April 2018
Where: Tehran, Iran
This festival is unique as it brings students across the globe together who could share their concerns about health in their countries and also the world.This festival aims to pave the ground for better situation in people’s lives no matter where they live or what their nationalities are.
students could also show how much their countries progressed in health and help the other students become forerunners in their own countries.It is for university students because we do believe that they have a lot to say and need a chance to prove it.


1st winner 1500$
2nd winner 1200$
3rd winner 1000$


ONly University Students

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Artists will retain all rights
Submissions will be only used for judging during the festival