A sense of place – take part in PEP’s group exhibition in Berlin

A sense of place - take part in PEP's group exhibition in Berlin


The selected artists will take part in a group show at B-Part Exhibition, the gallery of B-Part Am Gleisdreieck in Berlin in April 2023.

In our photographic practice, we often feel a special resonance with the places depicted in our images. They exert on us a certain attraction that can sometimes be used as a starting point for our creative process. But are those photographs really about the place itself, or about the relationship we have with it? Why are some places vibrating within us more than others? Is it because they carry a certain symbolism, or a feeling of belonging? Because they are related to a specific time in history and became a place of collective memory? Or because we have a kind of emotional relationship with them, in that they tell something about our roots, identity, family or personal story?

Whether indoors or outdoors, in urban, natural, private or public spaces, we would like to discover how the spaces depicted in your images resonate with you and with the world, conveying a certain sense of place.

Series as well as individual images are accepted, detailed information about the call and complete description of the theme are accessible through PEP's website.


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The competition is open to any photographer, 18 years of age or older, from any country.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All images and texts provided by artists and presented on PEP's website and social media channels are protected by copyright and remain property of their author. By entering this competition, you allow PEP to use your artwork (images and related text) in its online communication and printed material. PEP has the right to use the submitted artworks on its website and on any other form of communication (including social media, magazines, platforms for art opportunities and events...) to promote the photographers' works and PEP's past, current and future exhibitions and open calls. The artists' names will always be mentioned next to their respective images.


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