America – What Does It Mean to You?

America’s benefits and attractions - its controversies and challenges


America – What does it mean to you?

Asked, “What does the United States of America mean to you,” how would you respond with photographs? Certainly no one photograph, even though it could speak a thousand words, will likely suffice.

This juried, world-wide competition is intended to present the many and diverse views of what America means to its citizens, visitors, and people who have never been to the U.S. but have opinions shaped by what they see, hear from others, and read.

We welcome images that present America’s bountiful benefits and attractions as well as its controversies and challenges.


Images submitted for this competition will be juried for inclusion in a premium, hard-bound, coffee-table book. There are five categories with approximately 13 images each. Plus, one image in each category will be featured with a full-page along with the photographer’s comments. Cumulatively, there will be as many as 65 images selected for the publication.

• 65 images selected for inclusion in the coffee table book
• Best of Competition: $300.00 USD, plus a copy of the book
• 5 best of Category: $100, plus a copy of the book
• Those whose images are also included in the book will have the opportunity to purchase them at cost plus $12.
• A copy will be presented to the Library of Congress.
• Additional copies will be made available to independent book sellers.
• The digital book will be featured in an article at


Open to all, regardless of country or citizenship

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Artists/photographers/authors/owners retain all rights to their images. Additionally, they grant ROI Resource Group, LLC, dba Window on Photography the non-exclusive right without time limit to use their image(s) submitted to the competition and any high-resolution image(s) provided for publication in the previously mentioned photobook for the limited purpose of marketing the competition and subsequent photobook and printing and selling said photobook without expectation of any payment other than as stated in the Awards sections, if appropriate.