Andy Rocchelli Grant 2024

Second edition of the ANDY ROCCHELLI GRANT


Andy Rocchelli Grant is an international award, now in its second edition, promoted by CESURA in the name of its co-founder Andy Rocchelli, photojournalist killed in Ukraine in 2014.
Andy was an irreplaceable fire starter, and to make sure that his values as a photographer and as a person can continue to burn, since 2021 CESURA has established a Grant in his name to allow an author or new talent to create a photographic book in full freedom of expression, as Andy would have wanted.

Printed editorial production was a key aspect of his research as a means of dissemination and completion of the work. The purpose of the Grant is therefore to identify the best unpublished photographic dummy and award the winner with the production and publication of the book by Cesura Publish, the collective's publishing house.

The first edition of the Grant received 126 applications from more than 25 countries and awarded the prize to Kanta Nomura with the publication of the photobook The Yoshida Dormitory Students' History with Cesura Publish.

The jury will meet in October 2024 to select a short list of finalists. In Febbrary 2025, the winning book will be announced, and launched.

CESURA is an Italian photographic collective, publishing house and lab active in documentary photography, research, and visual experimentation. Since 2008, CESURA has aimed to create an independent and autonomous force in the national and international photography scene, narrating contemporary social phenomena such as the Arab Spring uprising in the Middle East and the documentation of the COVID-19 pandemic. CESURA’s individual and collective projects have been published in major national and international newspapers and magazines such as Time Magazine, New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Le Monde, Internazionale, Repubblica, L'Espresso), and exhibited in museums such as Le Bal (Paris), Mocp (Chicago), Nobel Peace Center (Oslo), Deichhtorhallen (Hamburg), Draiflessen Collection (Mettingen) and Kulturhuset (Stockholm).


The best project selected will be published
in the form of a photographic book by Cesura Publish. The author is entitled to 15 free copies.


Applications are accepted from artists and photographers of any age and nationality, including collectives.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The winner of the contest will sign a regular publication contract with the publishing house Cesura Publish, which will edit, produce and distribute the winning book, reserving the right to make choices at its discretion regarding the technical specifications and the print edition. The author is legally responsible for the rights of use of his images and texts.