ASISAFoto Contest 2021

€ 35,000 in the six available categories.


One more year, Fundación ASISA announces its XIII International Photography Contest ASISAFoto. Superdated last year its thirteenth edition full of participants and news, the expected contest continues to grow. In its quest for support for culture and diversity, the Foundation calls on participants from around the world to share their work and their art.

There are six categories:
• Free Choice (colour series, 5–7 photos)
• Free Choice Monochromatic (monochrome series, 5–7 photos)
• Motherhood and childhood (monochrome or colour, 1–4 photos)
• Nature (colour, 1–4 photos)
• Smiles (colour, 1–4 photos)
• Travelling (monochrome or colour, 1–4 photos)


Participate in ASISAFoto and become one of the more than 10,000 participating photographers throughout the past ten editions. You can opt for more than € 35,000 in the six available categories.

• Colour series: 6,500 €
• Monochrome series: 6,500 €
• Motherhood and childhood: 2,500 €
• Nature: 2,500 €
• Smiles: 2,500 €
• Travelling: 2,500 €


All professional and amateur photographers can take part in the contest regardless of their nationality.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The authors of the winning photographs must send the organization the corresponding files containing their work using an image resolution of 300 ppi and side greater than 60cm within ten days after the results are publicised for the production of the subsequent TRAVELLING exhibition and they shall be kept by the organization for its photographic collection. It shall be entitled to reproduce them freely for (catalogues, posters, the press, articles, etc....), non-profit purposes, and it shall always quote the name of the photographer. Participants shall certify the authorship of their work and they shall be held completely responsible for the non-existence of third-party rights and for any image right claims made for the work that is entered in the contest.