Audubon Community Nature Center 2020 Contest

Your nature shot could win you $200 and be seen worldwide!


Submissions are now being accepted for the annual Audubon Community Nature Center Nature Photography Contest. Cash prizes of $200 will be awarded to Adult and Youth winners in three categories:
- Wildlife Portraits: any wild animal. No photos of animals in captivity, such as pets, zoos, or rehab animals.
- Macro Abstracts: anything that is natural/wild such as flowers, insects, leaves, water droplets, eyes/feathers of animals, close-up textures in nature, etc.
- Habitats and Landscapes: places that any wild animals live in and/or waterfalls, sunsets, mountains, etc.

Winners and 12 finalists -- six youth and six adults -- will be displayed indefinitely on the contest website along with the photographer’s name and city/state/country. Audubon will print the winning photographs to exhibit in the Nature Center, and winners will be named in a news release that is widely distributed, including to their local media, when known.


- Cash Prizes: $200 each for Adult and Youth winners in each of three categories: Wildlife Portraits, Macro Abstracts, and Habitats and Landscapes
- Winners and finalists will be displayed on the contest website along with the photographer's name and city/state/country.
- Winners will be named in a news release that is widely distributed, including to their local media when known.
- Winning photographs will be printed and exhibited in the Nature Center.


The contest is open to photographers from around the world ages 8 and over. Contestants must be able to prepare digital files according to the guidelines, fill out an online entry form which includes uploading the photograph files, and pay an entry fee of $15 per photo. Contestants must also have access to a valid email address for communication with contest officials.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The photographer retains full copyright to his or her images. However, participation in the contest requires the contestant to give Audubon Community Nature Center (ACNC) permission to use the photographs without compensation on the Contest Website as well as on other ACNC websites and in news releases which may appear in print or on third party websites for the purpose of publicizing the contest. ACNC will always include the photographer's name when using a photograph for any purpose.


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