Call 2020 | IONNYK – photographic art, digital, black & white (INT)

€ 1500 to be divided between three laureats

In partnership with the European Pepinieres of Creation, IONNYK is launching its first call for participation aimed at contemporary visual artists around photographic art, digital black & white.

IONNYK is the world’s first connected and wireless digital art frame developed on electronic paper technology (patented). It is a new medium of art, culture and design, at the service of artists and their works. IONNYK is associated with a whole new ecosystem bringing together a community of artists to offer their works through a subscription or in limited edition Black & White digital format to our Art and Design enthusiast clients.

IONNYK responds to a hitherto unmet market need, namely an innovative connected and digital art framework emphasizing Art and Design and not technology as such.

This call is for contemporary photographic and digital artists. As the IONNYK catalog is varied, participants have the opportunity to offer any form of Black & White Art, static or Smart Art, a new way for artists to express themselves.


> € 1500 to be divided between three laureats
> The opportunity, without limit of winners, to join the IONNYK artists catalog allowing artists to generate income.


Any contemporary artist without restriction.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

During the call for projects, it is very possible that commercial contracts and assignments of rights will be discussed with artists who are already considered eligible to join the IONNYK catalogs without meaning that these contacted artists will be the laureats of the rewards


Black and White