“Capture the Moment, Encounter the Changbai Mountain” 2019 Changbai Mountain International Mobile Photo Contest

Submit your best mobile photos!


Photos that display nature, landscape, and people, and shot with a phone camera, are welcome.
2.The Changbai Mountain.
The subjects of the entries shall be the Changbai Mountain or its people. New perspectives and techniques are encouraged in revealing the beauty of the Changbai Mountain.


Monthly prizes:
Prize of Excellence, 500RMB/each ×30
Prize of Popularity, 300RMB/each ×10
Overall winners for the year:
Grand prize: 50,000RMB & certificate & “the Changbai Mountain Honorable Mountain Man” with which one can travel around the Changbai Mountain unlimited times without a ticket
Grand Prize of Popularity: 10,000RMB
Prizes of categories: 1st Prize, 5000RMB/each ×2
2nd Prize, 2000RMB/each ×5
3rd Prize, 1000RMB/each ×8
Note: All the cash awards are before tax, and the organizer will withhold and remit tax. The delivery of the prize money is only through paypal.


The contest is open to mobile photographers from all over the world

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The copyright retains with the original author.
All entrants understand that the accepted images may be used by the organizers perpetually in all media and publications, without any remuneration being due. If anyone has any dissent, we can upon agreement not using his work in marketing. No dissent upon submission will be deemed as agreeing on the rules.


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