Communication Challenge 2017

You can win €1,000, €500 or €250 in prizes.


Vaccines Today Communcation Challenge 2017 is about how vaccines help us all reach certain moments in our lives: how we go to university because vaccines kept us healthy when we were kids; or how we went on holidays to exotic places thanks to vaccines, too. Thanks to vaccines, grandparents can enjoy many autumns and winters with the grandchildren to watch them grow up. We have created Nina, a character that goes through all the steps, as we will hopefully all do. We want to see your pictures in any of these moments, together with Nina’s sketch/drawing, according to the moment of her life: birth, childhood, adulthood or old age.


You can win €1,000, €500 or €250 in prizes.


The Contest is open to (i) students (irrespective of their nationality) enrolled in universities and colleges in the European Union, (ii) freelancers and (iii) amateurs, creative and/or pro-vaccine people and seniors . To participate, individuals must have reached the age of majority in their country of residence at the time of the registration to the Contest.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The Entrant agrees that the photo submitted by the Entrant in accordance with the Rules of Contest as well as any components thereof, such as the graphic, images and textual elements (the “Photo”) is hereby transferred and assigned to Vaccines Europe, who accepts.

The transfer and assignment of rights is valid for promotional, advertising, editorial, merchandising or other commercial purposes as well as for non-commercial purposes, final for each and every form of exploitation and for all countries, in the most extensive way possible as permitted by law, without limitation in time other than the limitation provided by law for the respective rights.


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