Creative Communication Awards 2023

Advertising, Fashion, Nature, Books, Press, Editorial, Landscape

  • Deadline: 9 July 2023
  • Entry fee: Professionals (business with more than 4 employees) $300, Freelancers and small businesses $225, Students $80 per entry.
  • Website:

The Creative Communication Awards (C2A) is a distinguished international competition that recognizes and celebrates outstanding creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in various fields of communication design. With a wide range of categories, including photography, C2A provides a global platform for photographers to showcase their exceptional talent and artistic vision.

Within the Photography category, C2A offers a diverse range of subcategories to highlight the versatility and depth of the medium. Photographers can submit their remarkable work in categories such as Advertising, Fashion, Nature, Books, Press, Editorial, Landscape, Sports, and Others.

This provides photographers with an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity across different genres, capturing the essence of each subject matter with their unique perspectives and visual storytelling.

By participating in the Photography category of the Creative Communication Awards, photographers have the chance to gain international recognition and exposure for their exceptional work.

The esteemed jury panel, consisting of experts in the field of photography and design, carefully evaluates the submissions and selects the most outstanding entries. Winners will receive prestigious accolades, global exposure, and the opportunity to have their work showcased to a wide audience.

Join the Creative Communication Awards' Photography section to elevate your photography career, gain industry recognition, and showcase your talent on a global stage.


C2A, the Creative Communication Awards, offers an array of prizes to celebrate exceptional creativity and innovation in communication design and photography.

Winners receive the prestigious C2A certificate and winner logo, along with the opportunity to be featured in the online gallery exhibition and the esteemed Book of Creative Communication.

The C2A Winners Seal allows participants to showcase their success on various platforms, while being included in the Book of Creative Communication provides long-lasting visibility and recognition.

Winning a C2A award sets participants apart from the competition, increases credibility, and offers marketing opportunities to promote their work to a global audience.

Additionally, the award boosts morale within the team and enhances the ability to attract talent and investment.

Join C2A to elevate your creative photography achievements and gain international recognition!


The Creative Communication Awards (C2A) is open to photographers - professionals, freelancers, agencies, studios, and students from around the world. It welcomes participants from various fields of photography. Whether you are an established professional or an emerging talent, C2A provides a platform for individuals and teams to showcase their creativity and innovation in the realm of photography.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Copyright and ALL other rights remain that of the photographer. The photographs will only be used in relation to the award program, and to promote the winning photographers and images.

Any photograph used by APMP shall carry the photographer’s credit line. Winning images will also be included in the yearly Book of Creative Communication. If you have any concerns about the usage of the photos, please contact us.