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CVCEPHOTO is the International Photography Contest of Mountain Activity organized by the Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, mountain club of San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

The goal of the contest is to promote the mountain activity through the photography, serving also as a meeting point and promotion of the authors. It counts with the collaboration of the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, a mountain film contest attached to the International Alliance for Mountain Film.

Our contest values, in addition to the creativity and aesthetic quality of the works, the value of the activity reflected in them, counting for it with a jury formed by mountain photographers, as well as expert mountaineers.

Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea is a non-profit organization with 4000 associates. It was declared a "Public Interest Entity" by the Basque Government in 2011 and all its management and workforce are based on volunteering. The contest is therefore also non-profit and made possible to the combined work of volunteer members.

Following the guidelines that encourage our organization, participation in the contest is free and open to everyone.


1st prize: 1400 € + Exclusive and unique trophy created by artist Iñigo Aristegui
2nd prize: 700 €
3rd prize: 300 €
17 honorable mentions: DIPLOMAS
"BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL Poster" special prize: 700 € and BMFF 2019 poster

All cash prizes will be subject to the corresp. retention according to the law.


The competition is open to all amateur or professional photographers of any age or nationality.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The participants authorize CVCEPHOTO the rights to the reproduction of the submitted works for expositions, catalog printings, web publishing and any other media outlet that the CVCE consider to be of interest to promote the contest. The CVCE will always communicate the author’s name. This authorization is without any limitation regarding time or place. Due to the partner relationship with BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL, the CVCEPHOTO organization will make an effort to publicize the awarded works and their authors during the celebration of this international festival. In all cases, the intellectual property and copyright of the works will remain with the author. CVCEPHOTO will refuse any request that may be received from third parties with commercial interests, such as the concession, loan, exploitation, sale etc. of the personal details of participants and of the images submitted by them.

All personal details provided by contestants for the purposes of the competition will be treated according to the stipulations of the Personal Privacy Protection Act 15/1999 of 13 December, said contestants having the right of access, rectification or deletion.

9. SPECIFIC RULES REGARDING THE PRIZE “CARTEL BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL” BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL, an associate of CVCEPHOTO, included in the INTERNATIONAL ALIANCE FOR MOUNTAIN FILM, is a recognized festival of mountain and adventure cinema that is celebrated in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. All the photographs presented to CVCEPHOTO will compete for this prize. We will look for photographs which can be used both, in horizontal or vertical format, that contain space for the incorporation of text or sponsor logos without excessively altering their significance. Images with eleiments or equipment with logos too visible will be rejected. The photo must not have been used previously in an advertising campaign. The “Cartel BMFF” prizewinning photograph cannot be used in any advertising campaign until the BMFF has been concluded (December, 2020). In every other aspect, we will apply CVCEPHOTO´s general rules, including RAW and high resolution JPG requests. The image will be used as the poster of the BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL, as well as streamers, cards, web, etc… to promote the contest, always crediting the author. The property and the rights of the image will continue to belong to the author of the photograph.


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