CVCEPHOTO 2021 International Mountain Activity Photo Contest

1st prize: 1,400 € and exclusive trophy created by Iñigo Arístegui


CVCEPHOTO is the International Mountain Activity PhotoContest organized by Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea,mountaineering club from San Sebastian.

“MOUNTAIN ACTIVITY”: Any image related to sport activities (non-motorized) that take place on mountains.(For instance: alpinism, climbing, ski, trekking, speleology,paragliding...)

Each participant may submit a maximum of 3photographs.There won ́t be accepted any photos previously submitted to this contest. Only pictures taken by digital cameras are accepted.

The members of the jury will be photographers with recognized prestige in mountain photography and/or persons related to mountains. The jury will evaluate the works according to: composition, technique, shot opportunity and originality.The Jury will take into consideration de sporting value of the activity.


• 1st prize: 1,400 € and exclusive trophy created by Iñigo Arístegui
• 2nd prize: 700 €
• 3rd prize: 300 €


The contest is open to all amateur or professionalphotographers around the world.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

CVCEPHOTO takes as granted that the participant has the authorization and/or the permission of the persons that appear in the photographs submitted to the contest.It's the sole responsibility of the participant regarding any claim related to copyright.