Digital Masterpieces Photo Contest

Prizes for all winners will include an Online Exhibition

To enter this competition you are required to edit your images with any of the apps produced by Digital Masterpieces, these include - Becasso, Clip2Comic, Graphite, WaterBrush and Oilbrush. If you do not currently have access to these apps we can provide voucher codes on request. In addition Digital Masterpieces offer an annual subscription with all the premium features and this comes with a free 14 day trial.

The Digital Masterpieces Photo Prize serves as a distinguished platform for showcasing exceptional photographic work, effectively transcending the conventional boundaries that often segregate accomplished photographers, talented amateurs, and seasoned professionals.

This esteemed competition serves as a homage to the multifaceted realm of visual imagery, shedding light on the captivating narratives frequently intertwined with the creation of these artistic expressions.

The carefully curated selection of images, a notable portion of which is unveiled to the public for the first time, embarks on a comprehensive journey that traverses both classical and contemporary photographic approaches, weaving together a rich tapestry of characters, emotions, and locales.

Furthermore, in addition to honouring first, second, and third-prize winners, the competition extends recognition to runners-up and noteworthy images.


Prizes for all winners will include an Online Exhibition shared on and throughout our vast social media channels.

A podcast with the overall winner published to our Apple channel and throughout our social media channels.

Integration of the winner to be included into Digital Masterpieces apps in two ways: (I) The artwork will be shown on start up as a background image. (II) A style will be named after the user. (III) Digital Masterpieces will feature the contest winner as well as the runner apps on the App Store.

Voucher codes for the one-time purchase for BeCasso (worth 90 USD) for the winner and voucher codes for all other apps (worth 49.99 USD) for the 2nd and 3rd placed.


over 18 years of age and edited with any of the Digital Masterpieces iOS Apps

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The photographer or their representatives warrant that they are fully authorised and entitled to enter into the agreements contained in these rules, in respect of all rights in the work including ownership, copyright, moral rights, the rights of the people, names, trademarks, designs or works of art depicted in the photographs, and that no further permissions or conditions are required to deliver these agreements.


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