Dummy Award 2024

Best unpublished photobook dummies of the year


The Dummy Award is the international competition for the best unpublished photobook dummies of the year.

Since 2010, the Kassel Fotobook Festival has been inviting photographers worldwide to take part in its „Kassel Dummy Award“. Since 2023 the PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne and its sponsor and partner MAS Matbaa; Istanbul is organizing the award. Each year we invite photographers worldwide to take part and send us a physical copy of an unpublished photography book.


• Shortlist: From all entries, around 50 books are selected for a shortlist to be exhibited at international photography events. Together with the votes of the shortlist jury each exhibiting venue has a vote — either determined by public vote or by curators choice.
With these votes 5 winning books will be selected from the shortlist.

• 1st Prize: One of these books will receive the PBM/MAS Prize. The book that wins the PBM/MAS Prize will be produced and published by the leading Turkish photobook printing and binding house MAS Matbaa in cooperation with the PhotoBookMuseum. The costs will be fully covered.
• 2.-4th prize: The other 4 winning books will receive a production grant for printing their books at MAS Matbaa.


International artists, photographers, graphic designers etc. who incorporate the photographic medium in their artistic practice and have an unpublished photobook project.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The entrant declares that he/she is the owner of all copyright, usage, application and other protection rights, or if he/she is not the owner of these rights – that he/she has the permission of the owners of these rights and is able to use them without a time or spatial limit and is able to transfer them. Given that this is provided for, the entrant transfers to the The PhotoBookMuseum gGmbH and Mas Matbaa the right to selective publication in the media. An obligation to remunerate does not apply. The entrant also ensures that foreign rights, especially foreign copyright and similar regulations of the initiator, the entrant or any third parties, will not stand in the way of the abovementioned transfer of rights. The entrant releases The PhotoBookMuseum gGmbH, Cologne and MAS Matbaa, Istanbul from all possible claims on any legal grounds. Copyright and the above mentioned usages of the photobook designs apart from The PhotoBookMuseum gGmbH and MAS Matbaa and PBM remain with the entrants and the authors.


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