artworks show at an online virtual exhibitio


Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) presents an online exhibition open call with the theme of “FLUID TIME”.

Armen Avanessian, an Austrian philosopher, says that “The basic thesis of the post-contemporary is that time is changing. We are not just living in a new time or accelerated time, but time itself—the direction of time—has changed. We no longer have a linear time, in the sense of the past being followed by the present and then the future. It’s rather the other way around: the future happens before the present, time arrives from the future.”
In this new era, time is fluid, and there is no obvious progression from a before, to a during and an after in historical terms. The fluidity of time indicates the blurring of boundaries, escaping categorizations, and not being concretely defined. In such a time how does an artist imagine the future? How to view histories? How to create unexpected narratives and connections to tell untold stories? How to even use time as an artistic medium to interpret the life we experience?

EXHIBITION DATES: August 8 – September 5, 2022.


artworks show at an online virtual exhibition;
Chinese-English bilingual online feature on our website;
Chinese-English bilingual digital catalog to be published on ISSUU and widely promoted;
showcase the selected works on the internationally influential art platform: ARTLAND;
Chinese-English bilingual artist promotion on popular Chinese social media: WeChat Public Account, Art Express App, ZAIYI App and Xiaohongshu, on the platform: MEDIUM, and on international social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook;
priority to our further events, including offline exhibitions in our Chongqing space, art projects, art fairs in China and internationally and other art events.


There is no limit on the art medium, size, year of production, artist age, or nationality, but the submitted works should respond to the exhibition theme “FLUID TIME”.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Artist retains the sole copyright for the images;
Submitted images can be available for public viewing on our website and social media, including in relation to promotional activities for the exhibition;
All display images will be credited with artists’ names.


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