Felix Schoeller Photo Award

International reputation and 30.000€ total cash prizes


The Felix Schoeller Photo Award honors work that demonstrates a love of photography and the highest standards of image quality. As a manufacturer of specialty papers for high-quality photographic reproductions, we would like to use the international photo award to honor and support photographers who share our passion for uncompromisingly good pictures.

The “German Peace Prize for Photography” honors works that conceptually address the theme of 'peace' through the medium of photography.

A successful portrait is more than just a photograph of a person. It shows not only what the eyes see. It captures the essence of the person portrayed, arouses emotions in the viewer and tells the story behind the image.

This category is waiting for works in which journalistically relevant stories are told or facts are documented in an unusual way using photographic means.

In this category we award entries that deal with the sustainable development of our planet and our society.

The “Emerging Photographer Award” honors up-and-coming young talents in the world of professional photography. This applies to photographers enrolled on degree courses, in professional training or internship who, in the opinion of the jury, particularly deserve to be promoted.


• Portrait - Cash prize 5.000 €
• Photojournalism - Cash prize 5.000 €
• Sustainability - Cash prize 5.000 €
• Best Work by an Emerging Photographer - Cash prize 5.000 €
• German Peace Prize for Photography - Cash prize 10.000 €

- Shortlisted work will be published in the Website Gallery

- Nomiated appear in the online campaign in social media Appear with their nominated work in the high-quality ‘Winners and Nominees’ exhibition & receive an invitation to the awards ceremony.


Only professional photographers and filmmakers are eligible for the categories Portrait, Photojournalism and German Peace Prize for Photography. Category Best Work by an Emerging Photographer is designed for photography or film students (or art or design students with a focus on photography). In addition, those in training to become photographers and assistants to professional photographers are also eligible for entry.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The winning and nominated entries from all categories will be published in the image gallery on the Felix Schoeller Photo Award website (www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com/en/home).

The names of the nominees will be published on March 24, 2023. The names of the winners will be announced after the award ceremony on May 4, 2023.

The winning and nominated entries from all categories will also be presented to a wide audience in a photo exhibition.

The winning submissions and the works nominated for the “German Peace Prize for Photography” will be presented to the general public in a separate exhibition.

The promoter is entitled, but not obliged, to produce documentation of the award for internal and external purposes, particularly for PR purposes, and also for the publication of a book documenting the history of the award or a high-quality photo calendar, both of which would contain a selection of
shortlisted entries. A selection of shortlisted entries will also be used as visual content on the award website (www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com/en/home).

Finally, the winning entries and those nominated – or a selection thereof – will be published in the national and international trade press, relevant professional forums and blogs, and on social media channels. Entrants declare their consent to the reformatting of entered photos to meet the
requirements of publication online and on social media channels.
Entrants consent to the publication of their first name and surname in all the media mentioned above.

Entrants will always be mentioned by their first names and surnames whenever content relating to the Felix Schoeller Photo Award is published by the Felix Schoeller Group and/or individual members of the Group. In the event of entries submitted by teams of photographers, all team members named by
the entrant on the entry form will be listed by first name and surname as joint authors, irrespective of the nature and extent of their involvement. The promoter will always strive to place the name(s) of the
author(s) next to the appropriate image.

Whenever content is published by the trade press and/or other media, the name(s) of the entrant(s) will be passed on to the media in question with the stipulation that these name(s) be published. The promoter accepts no liability whatsoever towards the entrant(s) in this respect.


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