International Filter Photo Contest 2019

Photos that make effective use of filters.


This contest is sponsored by Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. and is open to photos that have been taken with the aid of a filter with the aim of expanding creative possibilities. Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. looks forward to receiving your entries that explore the full expanse of the unknown possibilities of filters.

- Filters may be from any manufacturer.
- Filters such as protectors whose effects cannot be seen in the photograph are not permitted.
- Photos that have been heavily edited using retouching software (color swap, etc.) cannot be accepted.


- Grand Prix 500,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 500,000yen)
- 4 Jury Special Prize 100,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 100,000yen)
- 30 Excellent works Kenko Tokina Group products worth 10,000 yen


The competition is open to anyone regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The copyrights for entered photos and the rights equivalent thereto shall belong to applicants. The sponsor, however, shall have the rights prescribed in the following “Rights of the sponsor” over photos selected for prizes.,


Architecture Landscape