#FindTheOrange AI Photo Contest

Imagining new ir/realities through AI


#FindTheOrange AI [Photo] Contest is a competition for images reprocessed with Artificial Intelligence promoted by #FindTheOrange under the direction of AI Artist and international scientist Mauro Martino.

‘Realis, Irrealis, Liminalis. Imagining new ir/realities through AI' is the theme of this first edition.

The term liminal comes from the Latin ‘limen’, meaning threshold, and is used in various fields, from psychology to anthropology, to indicate a state of transition, an intermediate point separating two different phases, conditions, or existences. In art and literature, liminal can refer to representations that stand exactly on this threshold, offering a vision that blurs the boundaries between the real and the unreal.

Participants are asked to imagine and represent the border between the real and the unreal - the liminal - using Artificial Intelligence tools as investigative tools.

The jury unites leading names from the contemporary art and digital scene: Silvia De Felice, project manager of art programs at Rai Cultura, Francesco D'Isa, philosopher and digital artist, and Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti, journalist specialising in the art market.


The jury will elect - at its sole discretion - three ex aequo winners.

Each winner will be awarded: Gift Cards worth a total of €1000 to spend on the www.musement.com circuit. They will receive 10 codes worth €100 each).


Age 18+

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Each participant may submit only one entry composed of: Realis (the original), Liminalis (the reworking), Title, Description, AI Prompt and tool used.


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