Fine Art- Blank Wall Gallery Photo Contest

All passionate photographers are welcome to submit their work.


Fine Art

Fine art photography is the expression of the artists’ vision and how they realize the world around them. It functions as a means of communicating their emotions to the viewers. Passion for expression, inventiveness and creativity are the main elements needed for the creation of interesting fine art photographs.
Blank Wall gallery is looking for such passionate photographers. All means are accepted.
Choices Announced: Saturday August 15, 2015
Exhibition: Sunday August 30 – Thursday September 17, 2015


20 photographs will be selected for a three week exhibition that will take place at the “Blank Wall Gallery” space. All photographs chosen for the photography exhibition will be printed on high-resolution Photo paper 320 gsm and will be framed free of charge.
Also, one of the twenty artists who will participate in the “Fine Art” exhibition which will take place in September will be chosen by the viewers to have his/her work presented in a solo exhibition completely free of charge.


All photographers, amateurs and professionals who are over 18, are eligible to participate to the contest.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The Artists declare that they are the owners of the Works that will be exhibited and they have their copyrights.

Any photograph used by Blank Wall Gallery will have a photographer’s credit.

The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to Blank Wall Gallery at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone.

The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist.


Fine Art