FotoEvidence Book Award 2024

The second collaborative book will again unite photojournalists


The Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted family life in Ukraine. The indiscriminate violence perpetrated by Russia killed thousands of civilians, leaving families broken and bereft. Schools were destroyed and schooling was interrupted for children in the conflict zones.

Families' incomes and access to services have been decimated. Women confront increased sexual and gender-based violence and perilous health conditions, while being forced to make life and death survival decisions for their families.

Ukraine's children are paying an extraordinary price. Nearly two thirds of children have been forced to flee their homes. Some have fled alone, increasing their exposure to abduction, abuse and exploitation. Children are being robbed of their childhood, of time with friends and family, of education and of a peaceful life.

Many Ukrainian soldiers suffer from PTSD, and the likely lack of enough social and psychological support services, will have consequences for families.

Following the iconic book, Ukraine: A War Crime, by 93 photojournalists, this year the FotoEvidence Book Award will again be a collaborative work open to all photographers documenting the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with a particular focus on the impact on children and families.

The second collaborative book will again unite photojournalists to present their first hand testimony about the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the perspective of those tasked with documenting it.


If your work is published in Ukraine: A War Crime Volume Two, your name will be included in all promotional materials about the book and the FotoEvidence website. You will be invited to participate in book presentations and signings and you will receive a number of free copies of the book.


The FotoEvidence Book Award is open to all photographers 18 years of age or older.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All persons submitting entries to the FotoEvidence Book Award and the FotoEvidence W Award warrant and represent that each image submitted is his/her own original work, whether created as an independent photographer or an employee, and that he/she has the unrestricted right to grant to the FotoEvidence Book Award or the FotoEvidence W Award he permissions set forth below.


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