Fotomaratón 2020 – Bogotá territorio de todos

Your images at the National Museum of the Photography in Colombia


FOTOMARATÓN is a photography contest hosted by FOTOMUSEO – National Photography Museum of Colombia. It is the only photo contest in the world that lasts an entire weekend (September 12th and 13th) and challenges you to work from home on 20 themes, within a guide called FOTORUTA. FOTOMUSEO invites you to register in one of the three categories, to show the world how you perceive and portrait your home and be part of this international photography experience.


1st Prize $6.000.000 COP or its equivalent in $USD.
2ND Prize $4.000.000 COP or its equivalent in $USD.

1st Prize $3.000.000 COP or its equivalent in $USD.
2ND Prize $2.000.000 COP or its equivalent in $USD.

1st Prize $1.000.000 COP or its equivalent in $USD.


The jury will take under consideration the technical quality of each photography, the aesthetic and conceptual ideas of the contestants, the composition of the image and the execution of the PHOTOROUTE

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The jury’s selection will be part of a non-transferable heritage of FOTOMUSEO and will have a non-profit usage to promote exclusively educational, cultural and artistic events organized by FOTOMUSEO. This will lead to the cession of
property rights of the author. However the author will not lose their intellectual and moral rights; these will belong to the author and only to them as long they live, as stipulated by law on international copyrights protection treaties.