FotoNostrum Magazine Portfolio Contest 2021

Publication in FotoNostrum Magazine


At least 12 photographers will be selected to be published in 8 to 12 pages portfolios. Three of them will be in different covers of the magazine.

You can submit works for portfolios only, but if you decide to apply for a cover, the cover image has to be an image of one portfolio. You can't apply for a cover if you don't apply for portfolios; on the contrary, you can submit a portfolio and not to the cover section.

There are no restrictions regarding the type of photography to be included for portfolios or covers. B & W or colour, fine art or documentary, and digital manipulations are accepted. Cover images have to be vertical following the layout of the cover (see below cover size specifications).


Publication of 6 to 8 pages in the magazine


Worldwide. Established photographers, professional, amateurs and students. No age requirements.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All submitters warrant that they own the work submitted and that they have the exclusive copyright. The Gala Awards recognizes that the author retains full ownership of the image copyright.

Submitters warrant that their photographs may be reproduced for the purpose of marketing and promoting The Gala Awards’ competitions and Awards, as well as in catalogues, posters, postcards, publications, and on the Internet. Such use is granted for no more than two years after the announcement of the works selected in this competition. Such use is granted without any payment to the photographer or featured models. Photographers will receive credit with each use and allow The Gala Awards to sublicense their photographs to the press for reproduction in connection with The Gala Awards’ competitions and awards.

The Gala Awards has the right to reject and remove any entry that contains defamatory, racist, obscene or pornographic content, or that may be considered a criminal offence or violate any law.


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