FRH Photo Competition 2023

The winner will be invited to the 2024 FRH Conference


Every year the FRH Photo Competition selects the 10 best photographs of religious heritage from around the globe. The world is full of unknown religious architectural wonders, fascinating artefacts, and unique celebrations. Help us highlight the beauty and diversity of European religious heritage!

The FRH photo competition 2023 will be open for entries from 27 June to 30 November.

There are three categories.
- Religious Buildings: photos with a building or group of buildings as the main element
- Artefacts: photos with objects related to religious heritage as the main element
- People and Events: photos in which people or the festivity are the protagonists

All the entries will be evaluated by a jury composed of expert photographers, artists and representatives of FRH that is expected to meet the first week of December. The judges will select the three best photos of each category. From these, one will be chosen as the overall winner and the other eight will be finalists.


The winner will be invited to the 2024 FRH Conference (location and date to be confirmed) with all costs covered up to a maximum of 1,000€.

Finalists will be welcome to participate in the conference at their own cost.

FRH will also issue a special publication with photos of the winner and finalists in each category that will be promoted throughout Europe.


The competition is open to everyone regardless of their nationality and whether they are professional photographers or not.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

By participating in this contest you give your consent for FRH to use the submitted photos in the network’s not-for-profit communications including the website, promotional materials, etc.

FRH understands that any content submitted to the competition complies with copyright and privacy regulations and that the submitter holds full responsibility for any future liabilities.