GESTE PARIS 2019 – The Truth in Disguise



GESTE Paris invites submissions for inclusion in its 2019 art exhibition La Vérité Déguisée (The Truth in Disguise), conceived by the artist and curator Shiva Lynn Burgos and Dominique Charlet, Director of Agency Charlet Photographies and independent curator. The opportune timing of the exhibition echoes the very purpose of Paris Photo week by participating in its abundance and legitimacy among collectors, artists and academics.

La Vérité Déguisée (The Truth in Disguise), has many facets. The image can be a pretense in the conceptual or physical sense. One can alter, conceal, camouflage, recompose, counterfeit, cover, decorate, disfigure, deform, denature, disillusion, conceal, coat, wrap, distort, invent, manipulate, collage, silence, transform, veil ... the "reality" of objects, situations, people and ways of seeing. How can our perceptions be affected by techniques that hide or alter? In the era of reality TV and false information, the selfie culture and the virtual identities of social media and gaming, artificial intelligence and political propaganda, how is the truth disguised or revealed?

Exhibition includes: Walid Raad - The Atlas Group, Elger Esser, Joan Foncuberta, Christer Strömholm, Laia Abril, Nicole Cohen, The Mariwai Project, Tom Lovelace, Sebastiaan Bremer, Marina Abramovič and Ulay and others alongside the open call artists. The focus is on diverse, unique and unpublished works in which the images resonate the theme via various media such as photographs, video, sculpture and performance.

November 1-30, 2019 marks the 4th edition of GESTE, dedicated to the photographic and filmic "gesture", as coined by philosopher Vilém Flusser. It is a place of discovery for established and emerging artists from all over the world to exhibit and engage in an open dialogue between artists, curators, writers and collectors through tours, conferences and direct engagement. GESTE is the link between a private collection and a selection by guest curators.


The jury will select a number of winners from all submissions and these works will be included in the exhibition La Vérité Déguisée (The Truth in Disguise) and accompanying catalog. GESTE will pay such reasonable printing and framing costs as necessary to enable the works to be exhibited after consultation with the submitting photographer. Works will be for sale on the basis of equal sharing after costs at prices to be mutually agreed between GESTE and the submitting photographer. Unsold prints will be available for collection in Paris at the end of the exhibition or returned by post if the photographer sends a stamped and addressed envelope.

All appropriate submissions will be included in the exhibition as a digital slideshow.


Open to all

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Artists retain copyright.

GESTE asks for a license for the catalogue and publicity purposes.


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