Golden Turtle Wildlife Art & Photography Contest



The Golden Turtle Festival is the largest international eco-educational project, bringing together photographers, designers and artists celebrating the beauty of the wildlife.

Еhe Festival grew to be the largest international professional wildlife creative contest and exhibition with a unique interactive space. The “Living Space” of the Festival includes several zones such as classrooms, video installations, showrooms, lounges, concert venues, shops, etc. and brings together participants and partners who, through creativity, environmental education and cultural programs, draw people's attention to the beauty, fragility and versatility of wildlife.

The Golden Turtle International Wildlife Art & Photography Contest is the largest project of the Festival. This creative contest gathers authors from all over the world, submitting artwork in various categories.


The competition winners who won first place in their nomination will obtain a cash prize of seventy five thousand rubles.
The laureates who won the second and the third places in their nomination will obtain valuable prizes and gifts from the Festival sponsors and partners.
The competition winner in the Photographer of the Year nomination will obtain a cash prize of one hundred fifty thousand rubles Photo trip to Antarctica with the Poseidon Expeditions.


The Contest is opened for everyony

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Exhibition copies that are printed at the expense of the Golden Turtle Competition organizers for displaying at the exhibition shall remain with the organizers and may be used by them for the statutory activities of the MY EQUATOR Charity Social Support Fund.


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