Grand Prix Images Vevey

A grant of CHF 40'000 to realize a photographic project in a year

Festival Images takes place in even years but Images Vevey also allocates support grants for photographic projects every other year. The international photography award Grand Prix Images Vevey, worth CHF 40,000 (EUR 37,000), is one of the largest and longest-standing prizes in Europe and attracts some 800 participants from all over the world for each competition.

The Images Vevey Book Award supports the creation of a book project that showcases an optimal and original balance between publication format and photographic content with a CHF 10’000.- (app. € 9000) woth grant. It provides a financial contribution that seeks to encourage artists to take risks and to innovate in order for them to develop a suitable and sophisticated publication format for their photography project.

Winning projects are then exhibited at Festival Images Vevey, Switzerland, in September 2018


40'000 CHF (Swiss Francs)


Open to professional photographers or in training

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Entrants will be responsible for obtaining all authorisations (especially in relation to the protection of privacy)
relating to the works submitted for Grand Prix Images Vevey. Images Vevey does not accept any liability in this
Images Vevey reserves the right to publish and circulate all or parts of the winning portfolios, solely within the
context of the promotion of its activities, and may share this right with its respective prize/grant/award partners,
where applicable.