Great Photo Awards 2024

Great Photography Awards 3rd competition “Colorful World”


The theme for the third stage of Great Photo Awards is COLORFUL WORLD. The photographic lens beholds the world in its colorful magnificence and truth, with spectacular zest and astonishing hues of the visible spectrum. Interested photographers are invited to submit color works, analog or digital, and render their vision of the world in the individual five categories.
Color is the most important piece of information for the surrounding world and offers countless subjects of inspiration to the avid photographer. A colorless world would be strange, unnatural and almost nightmarish. So color equals realism and truth and accurately carries data about any object visible to the human eye and also the photographic lens. It is the creativity and resourcefulness of the photographer that can capitalize on the visual attributes of color to produce stimulating, exciting and appealing color images, and possibly claim prizes in the COLORFUL WORLD photo competition.


250€ cash for the winner of each category

A selection of photos will be published in Photographos magazine. There will also be an online portfolio in and social media and a 3D gallery. Shortlisted photos will have the chance to be exhibited at a prominent venue.

The 10 most voted photos by the committee in each category will receive honorable mention and will be uploaded to the virtual gallery.


Participation is open to individuals from all countries in the world with no territorial, gender, ethnic or other restriction. Any person interested to enter the contest must be at least 18 years of age.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Any use, publication, upload or other, online or printed, must be accompanied by proper credit line.


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