Gump International Photo Contest 2021 – Connection

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We are all different, but we are all the same.

2020, a year where our world shared an experience of fear, isolation and despair. Empty streets, people hiding at home, loss of community involvement and time with family and friends.

But it was also during this period that we rediscovered love, strength, and most of all, the power of connection.

For the first time, we felt so strongly that just being able to be out there, do life together, collaborate and communicate with one another, gave us purpose.

Online forest bathing became a thing on Airbnb experience. People in China had turned to virtual “cloud clubbing” where DJ sets were livestreamed and instant messages were sent to communicate. We saw in Lebanon, “flying roses” were delivered by drones towards balconies on Mother’s Day. And in Iran, videos of front-line doctors and nurses dancing to upbeat music in hazmat suits went viral.

Connection, whether with people or nature, is why and how we live.

What does this mean to photographers? How can these connections and symbolic moments be reflected through visual storytelling?


🥇Gold (USD 2,000)
- iPhone 12 Pro
- Capture One Pro 21 Perpetual License
- Phottix R4II LED
- Gump 12-Month Legend (4TB)
- Gump Limited Edition Tee

🥈Silver (USD 1,100)
- Marriott e-Gift Card (USD 300)
- Capture One Pro 21 Perpetual License
- Phottix R3II LED
- Gump 12-Month Legend (4TB)
- Gump Limited Edition Tee

🥉Bronze (USD 610)
- Capture One Pro 21 Perpetual License
- Phottix M200R RGB LED
- Gump 12-Month Professional (2TB)
- Gump Limited Edition Tee


The Contest is open to all individuals aged 18 and older. We accept entries from professional and amateur photographers alike who are based in Asia. The contest is void where restricted or prohibited by law. How To Enter Visit Click "Enter Now" Sign up or log in to Gump Rename your photo "your first name_last name_city", e.g. "Mary_Jane_Hanoi" In the “Gump International Photo Contest 2020 - Connection” album, upload only one (1) photo Click on your photo to enlarge it. Click the "comment" icon to input the photo name AND photo description to provide context for your entry in ENGLISH *Please refer to the sample photo in the album. *You will not be able to re-upload, change or delete your photo once submitted.

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