Happiness Photocontest

An International Jury and Amazing awards


Photography is feeling, it is art, it is a message.

Impressing a feeling in the observer, whether it is happiness, cheerfulness, sadness, nostalgia, etc. it should be the primary purpose of each person getting ready to take an image but, unfortunately, is also on the hardest goal to achieve.

In this competition we want to focus on a feeling in particular: happiness.

The feeling is one of the most discussed topic in the photographic field. Many are the masters of the image that over the years have tried to represent it in their own way.

According to the dictionary, happiness is "the positive state of mind of those who feel satisfied with all their desires. Etymology makes happiness from: happiness, derivation. felix-icis, "happy", whose root "fe-" means abundance, wealth, prosperity "but we want to focus on all aspects and facets of this emotion.

A birth, a marriage, a laughing baby, the achievement of a goal, nostalgia, love, kiss, a place of childhood, meeting with an old friend, participation in a manifestation, principles that they move actions... all that can be done, in the observer or in the subjects of the images, a feeling of joy and happiness is part of this photocontest


1st place CATEGORY : Voucher of €150, a recognition plaque and the winner photo printing
2nd place CATEGORY : Voucher of €50 and the winner photo printing
3rd place: The winner photo printing
Social Award: The winner photo printing



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Each participant retains the copyright of the images submitted. The participant certifies the work as his or her own. The participant allows organizers to reproduce the material posted for purposes related to the photo contest (including but not limited to: inclusion in the catalog, the website, and social pages.) unless otherwise specified by the entrant on the entry form. The winning or “mentioned” photos will be provided for use by the press who wish to give notice of the results of the competition. The organizers will always include the name of the author for any use of the pictures.

Dissemination of works
Each author is personally liable for the subject of the works presented and as declared on the registration form. He or she also authorizes the publication and dissemination of the images, also in different dimensions, exclusively for purposes related to the event, for educational or cultural purposes, or for use in the catalog.


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