Ikei Photo Contest 2018

- First prize: 1,000 € - Second prize: 600 €


IKEI PHOTO CONTEST is an international competition of social and company photography characterised by a clear testimonial approach adopted in the context of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of IKEI research & consultancy, SA, an international company with an experience of more than 2,500 projects developed in collaboration with more than 600 clients.

After the success of the first edition of the competition, in which more than 800 photographs were received from all around the world, it is a pleasure to present the second edition of IKEI PHOTO CONTEST.

This photo contest has two categories. It is possible to participate in either or both:

Social life: the aim of this category is to reflect social life in its broadest terms, portraying a person interacting with others and with their surroundings.
Company life: the aim of this category is to reflect the above but, in a more specific sense, to capture life in a company.

The company organising the contest is free to change, at their discretion, the category to which participants have initially assigned each photo.


• Social life category

- First prize: 1,000 €
- Second prize: 600 €

• Company life category

- First prize: 1,000 €
- Second prize: 600 €


Any individual over the age of 18 may take part in the photo contest, regardless of their geographical location (the contest is open to the whole world) or their professional status (they may be professional or amateur photographers). Each participant will be identified by their National Identity Document number, meaning that there can only be one participant per National Identity Document number. Later submissions with the same National Identity Document number will not be accepted.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The author of the photographs affirms that he or she holds all necessary authorisation from the people, places and brands that may appear in said photographs, with the participant being solely responsible for any claims that may arise and with the company organising the contest being exempt from all responsibility.

The rights to exploitation (exhibition, reproduction, communication, publication and public distribution) of the photos received will be shared between the company organising the contest and the author of the photos, without geographical or temporal limits. The author of the photographs will always be credited by IKEI. In any eventuality, the organising company will only use said photos within the context of the photography contest and in the promotion of the same. IKEI will never use the photos with the intention of making a profit. If the organising company were to be interested in using any specific photograph for another purpose, the company would negotiate the purchase of this photo with the author of the same.

The company organising the contest will reject any type of request that may be made by third parties with commercial interests, such as concession, loan, exploitation, sale etc. of the personal details of the participants as well as the images that these participants present to the contest.

During the course of the photo contest, the organising company may release an advance preview of the photographs that have been submitted. This will happen within the context of this same contest, and for the purpose of promotion.