Illusions and Enigmas Online Art Exhibition

$650 in Cash Prizes for Best in Show. Submit your Best Work!


Are you an artist who loves creating illusions and incorporating hidden images into your artwork? Do you possess a distinctive vision that captures the interest and fascination of viewers?

To inspire you on this artistic journey, consider the incredible works of renowned artists who have mastered the art of illusions and hidden imagery:
- M.C. Escher: Renowned for his mind-bending optical illusions and intricate, mathematically inspired artworks, Escher’s creations often challenge viewers’ perceptions and invite contemplation.
- Salvador Dalí: The surrealist master, Dalí, was known for incorporating hidden images and symbolic meanings in his paintings. His works often feature dreamlike landscapes and fantastical elements that provoke thought.
- Rob Gonsalves: A contemporary artist celebrated for his magical realism, Gonsalves’ paintings seamlessly blend realistic scenes with illusions and hidden images, inviting viewers to explore the layers of his captivating compositions.


Win the Best in Show title along with a $150 cash prize, a solo exhibition to showcase your captivating creations, digital certificate and extensive promotion to elevate your artistry. Bonus: A complimentary entry into the Blu Sky Artist Award for a chance to win $500.


Open Worldwide: All mediums, styles, and backgrounds accepted.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Your images will be used only for marketing, promotional, and display purposes for any show organized by Ten Moir Gallery. The artist shall retain all copyrights of any image they submit to Ten Moir Gallery.


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