Inner Beauty 2020

Free International Photography Competition "Inner Beauty 2020"


From the Classical Beauty of the Greeks, to the Modernists arguments of Beauty being superficial and the effort to find its place in today's Contemporary Art world, one thing is for sure: As Jonathan Jones once stated: "Beauty is the most dangerous idea in art. It's the most dangerous idea in life, too".

Wolfgang Huemer and Ingrid Vendrell Ferran state in, "The Place of Beauty in Contemporary Aesthetics that several philosophers have pointed out that we should not expect to find a simple and unified definition of beauty as the range of object to which one can ascribe the relevant properties- or which justify the relevant judgments or arouse the relevant reactions in the spectator - are multifarious. Since we employ the term "beauty" to characterize different objects, beauty is as Levinson puts it - "no one" and we should consider different types of beauty concerning natural, artistic, and physical beauty."

They also reference Lisa Schmalzried's paper, "The Virtue Analysis of Inner Beauty: Inner Beauty as Moral, Eudemonistic, or Relational Virtueness", devoted to inner beauty. She discusses the moral virtue-analysis according to which inner beauty only depends on morally desirable character traits, the eudemonistic virtue-analysis which explains inner beauty in terms of Aristotelian virtuousness and, finally, the relational virtue-analysis according to which inner beauty is explained as relational virtuousness.

Arthur Danto raises significant questions in "Beauty for Ashes": Is a return to beauty (then) an acknowledgment of art's limitations when it comes to social change? Or, have artists come to a sense of desolation to which they themselves have contributed - mere ashes - given the lingering hope for beauty?" Is a return to beauty a gesture of reconciliation with a world desperately in need of it after what it has been through in the intervening decades - a kind of aesthetic amnesty? Or finally is the return a concession that in a futile effort to modify social awareness, art has sacrificed precisely that which gives it its deepest meaning?

Corinth Exposed Photography Festival 2020 invites photographers from around the world to join this ongoing discourse.

• Wolfgang Huemer and Ingrid Vendrell Ferran: The Place of Beauty in Contemporary Aesthetics.
• Jonathan Jones, "When did modern art become so reluctant to embrace beauty?", The Guardian.
• Arthur Danto "Beauty for Ashes" in Neal Benezra and Olga M. Viso "Regarding Beauty: a View of the Late Twentieth Century".


The 20 winning photographs selected by the jury will be exposed at one of the most beautiful museums in Greece.


Photographers should be adults, hold the rights of their own photographs, have the consent of any faces pictured in their photographs and not include in any way their name graphically inside the photographs. The organizers hold no responsibility.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Terms and Conditions of the International Photography Competition

The Peloponnesian Institute of the Arts and the Corinthian Photography Club is organizing the Corinthian International Photography Festival 2020 / Corinth Exposed International Photography Festival 2020. The competition is part of the Festival's activity and the 20 photographs selected by the Jury will be exposed at one of the most beautiful museums in Greece. The venue and exact date will be announced soon.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 16:00 UTC.

Each entry is considered valid if the terms and conditions of the competition are fulfilled as described below.

* The jury reserves the right to cancel the entries that don't follow the terms and conditions of the competition.

How to submit your entry

1) This competition is open to all individuals aged 18 or over, either professional or amateur photographers.

2) Entries must be received by 16:00 UTC on 31 March 2020.

3) Only one entry per person will be accepted. The participants may send (1) to (5) photographs to the judging committee using the online submission form or by email to

4) Please include the following information: Name, Surname, Telephone number, Country/City, Number of photographs (1-5), E-mail address.

5) The photos must be submitted as .JPEG images according to following requirements: 2000 pixels max, 75 d.p.i. resolution. All entries must be sent via We Transfer or by email or using the online submission form.

6) The judging committee holds the right of excluding any participant.

Terms and conditions

1) Only entries fulfilling the conditions mentioned below will be accepted.

2) The participants must own the images and hold the copyright of their work. The photographs must not be copied, must not contain any third-party materials and/or content that have not permission to be used, or in breach of any confidentiality obligations owed to third parties. In any of those cases exists the organizers do not hold any responsibility.

3) Entrants confirm that each individual whose image is featured in the Competition entry has given consent for the use of his/her image in connection with this Competition and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Where an individual whose image is featured in a Competition entry is aged less than 18 years the entrant confirms that the parent or guardian of that individual has given the relevant consent.

4) All the winning photographs will be selected by the judging committee and will be exposed at one of the most beautiful museums in Greece.

5) The entries selected are also the winners of the competition.

6) The Winners of the competition will be informed by email or phone following the end of the competition in order to digitally send all the photographic high-resolution files for printing via We Transfer.

7) All printing expenses are covered completely by the organizers.

8) The photographs must not include the name of the artist-photographer using graphic design.

9) The organizers hold the right to cancel the competition.

10) All news regarding the exact dates of exhibitions and relevant events will be announced through the official festival website

11) The organizers hold the right to use any photographs sent by the participants for any kind of promotional activity regarding the festival by mentioning creator's name.

12) The participation submission is considered by the festival organizers as equivalent to a signed acceptance on behalf of the participant to all the above terms and conditions.


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