International Portrait Exhibition 2020

International Portrait Exhibition


The Glasgow Gallery of Photography will be hosting a juried group photography exhibition on contemporary portraiture.
Portraiture photography can often tell a many different stories without any clear narrative only replying on the people in the photographs to express emotions to tell their story. We want to see your portraits, black & white and colour, off all subjects.
These can be posed in a studio setting in a street shot, or with a model or a stranger.

Entry is FREE however if selected to participate there is a fee of £35.00 to help cover the costs of the exhibition.
The Glasgow gallery of photography will print and display your work for 7 days, in our gallery and then permentantly display your work in a special gallery online on our website.
Work will be printed to a high standard and be no smaller that 16x12 inches, How the work will be displayed will be decided nearer the exhibition, work can be framed but can also be shown without frames, We usually do not select more that 75 images for exhibitions.


Work will be printed and displayed to a high professional standard and displayed in a Photography gallery,
Work will be displayed online on our website and social media channels
ALL entrants will be considered in the Photographer of the Month Competition for November 2020, Will the chance to win an award and 6 others can win honourable mention certificates.


Over 18s

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Terms and Conditions

You are the only copyright owner and creator of the photographs.
The photographs do not infringe upon the copyrights or any other intellectual property rights of any third person or entity, or violate any person’s rights of privacy, does not include trademarks owned by third parties or violate any other law.

All entrants agree to fully indemnify Glasgow gallery of photography in respect of all royalties, fees and any other financial debt to any person by reason of your breaching any of the foregoing.

The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to The GGOP at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone.

The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist.
GGOP does not have the right to make use of or bestow the high definition files or the prints of the Works that will be used for the realization of the exhibition.

GGOP will not have any commercial profit from the Works that will be exhibited and it cannot exploit them at any time.

GGOP assume no responsibility for any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information that has been uploaded in no event will GGOP be responsible or liable for any technical or colour representation of the photos.

All photographs used by GGOP will clearly have the photographer’s credit. In case this has been overseen, there will be immediate corrections when mentioned.
All entrants agree that all photographs submitted may be used to promote and advertise GGOP.

Artists grant GGOP the right to use their images to promote the exhibition, for display GGOP webpage and for inclusion On Instagram, twitter and facebook.

Neither GGOP nor their associates, affiliates or partners assume any responsibility for photos submitted in violation of copyright regulations.

The GGOP reserves the right to print your image in a size and on paper type to a style in keeping of the exhibition it is entered into.

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography will not sell any photographers work for profit at any time. unless given permission by the photographer who hold the copyright to the image.
in which case full cost of the work will go to the photographer.

The GGOP reserves the right to hold all exhibited work in the galleries archives for the period of 1 year for future exhibitions, any photographer wishing to collect their work in person from the gallery in that 1 year period is free to do so at any time.


Portrait Self-Portrait