Istanbul Photo Awards 2020

$5,000 for first prize


International jury selectively handles every photograph during the gathering. Even photographs is handled several aspects such as technical features, perspective, how did the photographer use the equipment, the way news handled and if the content has the great importance for that year.

Photographers across the world are expected to submit pictures capturing global events from throughout the year. Mainly focusing on news and sports photos, the contest has four categories: Single News, Story News, Single Sports and Story Sports.

Every single photograph needs to have a title, not more than 75 typespaces and a description up to 400 typespaces. All photos in the story submission should have a description maximum 200 typespaces and photographers should write general story info up to 600 typespaces. The country and the date of the photo was taken will be added separately.

Photographers may submit both published and unpublished photos. Photos must be taken in 2019.


The winner of 'Photo of the Year' will be awarded $8,000, while winners in other categories will be given $5,000 for first prize, $3,000 for second prize, and $1,500 for third.


Professional photographers are those who earn, or have earned, the majority of their income from photography, and who sell or publish their work regularly, and belong to professional photography organizations.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Copyrights remain on the photographer and Istanbul Photo Awards will use photographer’s credit for all photographs used.


Documentary Sports Photojournalism