Kassel Dummy Award 2023

5 winning books will be selected from the shortlist.


The Kassel Dummy Award is the international competition for the best unpublished photobook dummy of the year. Kassel Fotobook Festival has been inviting photographers worldwide to take part in the competition, and year after year many photobooks have been submitted from all over the globe. Over this period of time, a lot of highly interesting photobook dummies have been created, produced and published thanks to our award. Hundreds of books from our shortlist have been presented in numerous international exhibitions and participating photographers have been able to establish contacts with galleries, publishers and festivals and present their work to an international audience.

In 2024, we will be handing over the Kassel Dummy Award to our good friends at The PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne and we are sure that they will increase the importance of the Dummy Award for young photographers and put it on an even broader footing. Together with our printing and publishing partner, MAS MATBAA in Istanbul, this is destined to maintain the high quality and reputation of the Kassel Dummy Award in the future. The 2023 Kassel Dummy Award will be the first Dummy Award organised fully in cooperation with the PhotoBookMuseum.


5 winning books will be selected from the shortlist. One of these books will receive the PBM/MAS Prize. The book that wins the PBM/MAS Prize will be produced and published by the leading Turkish photobook printing and binding house MAS Matbaa in cooperation with the Kasseler Fotografie Festival and The PhotoBookMuseum. The costs for this will be covered 100%. The other 4 winning books will be receive an production grant of 25% for printing their books at MAS Matbaa.


In cooperation with The PhotoBookMuseum Cologne and MAS Matbaa, Istanbul, we invite all photographers worldwide to take part.

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