Kids Photo Contest

Submit your best photos of kids around you.

Kids Say Cheese presents a photography competition in association with WPC on Kids Photo Contest


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Copyrights & Usage Rights:

This is a free competition and is open to photographers of all levels
On entering the competition, you will be automatically added as a member to Kids Say Cheese page on WPC
Submit photos to showcase culture, values, places, festivals, landscapes, portraits which define and characterize India
All photographs and material submitted to this competiton must be your own and should not be copied from anywhere else
The theme of this competition is "Kids Photo Contest", any photograph not following this theme will not be considered as a valid entry
This competition is open for all photographers from all parts off the world country
The number of entries allowed per user is 3
If more than one entry is submitted in the competition, each entry will be treated as a seperate entry and votes to each of these entries will be seperate as well.
Only top 250 voted photographs will move to the second round of judging.
This competition will be judged by renowned and veteran photographers
You should not create dummy/fake accounts to vote for your own photographs, if found your entry would be disqualified.
All decisions and results announced by the jury of this completion are final
You should not post any photograph that do not comply to WPC's Terms and Conditions
We have the right to remove any entry we deem not suitable for the competition or is not following WPC's Terms and Conditions