Krzysztof Miller Prize 2020

The total prize pool in the competition is PLN 13,000


Krzysztof Miller probably saw all the wars of this world. He was in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Africa, Georgia, Bosnia, Transnistria, Congo, Rwanda, ... He looked at them intently. He let thousands of tragic images pass through his camera's shutter in order to provide us, sitting safely in peace and comfort, with one symbol, a photographic synthesis – what we call the essence of things. Krzysiek was like a filter for the poverty of today’s world, the cruelty of fate and the human evil. The same human that philosopher Barbara Skarga described as “not particularly beautiful animal”. The Krzysztof Miller Prize is not only intended to honor the memory of an outstanding photojournalist and our Friend. We want it to be an inspiration and a challenge for all those who have the talent, courage and determination to follow his footsteps as reporters.

“The Krzysztof Miller Prize for having the courage to look” is awarded every year in December for the best photographic material in the previous year. The purpose of the Competition is to promote photography of exceptional journalistic value, unique in terms of having a deep, fair and courageous insight into difficult social, political, economic and cultural issues.

The participants may send in photographic material concerning any social, political, economic or cultural issues for the main category of the Competition and, additionally, for the newly created “Liberty, solidarity, tolerance” category - the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation Prize. The competition jury appointed by Agora will select winners of the main prize and the “Liberty, solidarity, tolerance” – the Gazeta Wyborcza Fundation Prize from among the photographic material received.


The total prize pool in the competition is PLN 13,000.

a) the winner of the main prize in the Competition, i.e. the prize for the best photographic material of the year, will receive a cash prize of PLN 10,000 (ten thousand zlotys);
b) the winner of the “Liberty, solidarity, tolerance” – the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation Prize will receive a cash prize of PLN 3,000 (three thousand zlotys)


The competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers, individual authors and photographers' collectives, members of a single photography agency.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

[the Participant] grants consent to the Organizer to use the submitted work free of charge, in whole or in part, also after being processed by the Organizer in any manner, by publishing it in Gazeta Wyborcza or any supplement thereto (including Duży Format) or online at and at, for the sole purpose of carrying out the Competition, which includes selecting 7 nominated works, and subsequently selecting the winners of the Competition in both categories and publishing the winning works , as well as distributing the work on the Internet also by making it available to individuals at the time and place of their choice, for the purposes mentioned above; this consent also includes the right of the Organizer to use the work in the database developed by it, which contains (in the form of electronic files) the content of all websites making up the portal, and the right of the Organizer to use the above-mentioned work in an archived form indefinitely, in particular for the purposes of promoting subsequent editions of the Competition in the following years;


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