Lagois Competition 2023 “Sustainable living”

The photo prize in the amount of EUR 2,500

Climate justice concerns us all. We all know that we cannot treat our planet carelessly. But how can we lead a socially and environmentally responsible life? Protect the environment and manage resources sustainably? Only by changing something together in order to enable sustainable living conditions for inhabitants of the Global South and future generations.

Lagois Photo Competition 2023 is looking for outstanding photographic works on the subject of "Sustainable living"

Is the future green and the ecology blue? How can we save our Earth? Will artificial intelligence help us do that? We want to make the causes, consequences and options for action for climate justice visible – be it the cultivation of regional food, the expansion of urban green spaces or the production of sustainable products. Other topics include sustainable mobility, social justice, nature conservation, water, biodiversity and upcycling.


The competition is worth EUR 5,000. We are looking for photo reports about people or groups who live climate justice. Small and big heroes, who are fearlessly committed to protecting the environment against global warming, taking responsibility and driving social change.

The best photos will be presented in a traveling exhibition throughout Germany, and a book of photographs will additionally be published on the subject.


The photo competition comprises two categories and addresses both professional photographers as well as youngsters aged 14 to 27 years.

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