Levallois Prize 2017

The winner of the Prize receives a grant of 10,000 Euros


Open to all forms of photographic expressions, the international Prize welcomes submissions from young photographers aged under 35. The winner of the Prize receives a grant of 10,000 Euros and a two-month long exhibition at the Galerie de L’Escale in Levallois (to be held in October-November).

After over seven years of existence, the Prize receives today around 700 submissions yearly, which confirms the importance of a prize acknowledging an initiating career for young photographers. The amount of the grant makes it one of the best-endowed international awards in favor of emerging photographers.

Whether in narrative, esthetic, technical or formal terms, the Levallois Prize wishes to highlight young photographers’ creative research through its selection.

Submission must include:
- a selection of 15 photographs, from one single series;
- a project note (under 2000 characters) in French or in English, presenting the project;
- a short summary of the project (under 600 characters);
- the submission form, fully completed and signed;
- a CV (one page maximum) including the candidate’s background.


The winner will receive a grant of €10,000 and an exhibition at the Galerie L’Escale in Levallois, France.


The competition is open to young photographers under 35 years of age, of any nationality.

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