Lucas Dolega Award 2017

Endowment by Olympus of 10,000 Euros


The sixth edition of the Lucas Dolega Award is now launched!

The Lucas Dolega Award is open to all professional freelance photographers, without age or country restrictions. The participation is free.
Participants will have to present a report on the coverage of any event relevant to the defense of freedoms and democracy, a conflict (civil or military wars, riots, attacks or public demonstrations…), a revolution, a natural or sanitary disaster, and/or their consequences on civil populations.

The Lucas Dolega Award will reward a photographer with a endowment by Olympus of 10.000 Euros, an exhibition in Paris, and a publication in the Reporters without borders album.
The award ceremony will take place at the Mairie de Paris, in January 2017.


The winner will receive an endowment by Olympus of 10,000 Euros and will have his or her work displayed at an exhibition in Paris and published in Reporter Without Borders album.


The competition is open to all professional freelance photographers of all nationalities, without age restrictions.

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